Monthly Archives: December 2014


No Action in the movie line;

this one’s a wrap!

Ahead, four de Caprio girls

dumb-blonding me blue,

(even the brunettes)

Big kohl eyes slant javelin glances

at baggy-pant dudes.

I slant my own dull javelin, and it sticks in two crones

at Cineplex doors, on their way out, so to speak,

all done with early shows.

This plot is thick – real characters!

though truth be told, they pass for Church Ladies.

(pull-on pants, white hair).

But at least they know their lines.

They work the crowd in “period” dress.

(I envy them their dedication to the project)

I nearly yell, “Cut!” and “Print!”

I want to steal their dog-eared scripts,

and learn some lines myself.